Message from NAATI: Examiner Recruitment 2016

Message from NAATI: Examiner Recruitment 2016

NAATI launched a public recruitment campaign for examiners on February 29

NAATI is seeking expressions of interest from all languages; however, in this recruitment process we want to ensure that we receive applications for languages which may have a limited number of potential applicants. In order to support this, we would like to ask for your assistance by circulating the information regarding the 2016 Recruitment for NAATI Examiner Panels to AUSIT members.

The languages NAATI is particularly interested in include:

NAATI• Albanian • Bulgarian • Burmese • Dinka
• Khmer • Maltese • Nepali • Nuer
• Oromo • Polish • Punjabi • Samoan
• Slovak • Somali • Swahili • Tamil
• Tetum • Tigrinya • Tongan • Ukrainian • Urdu


The applications opened on the 29th of February 2016 and will close on the 22nd of March 2016 . Applicants can submit their Expressions of Interest online from the NAATI website, or alternatively they can download the Expression of Interest form also available on the NAATI website.

Should you have any queries regarding the 2016 recruitment process, please contact NAATI National Office at [email protected].

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