Voice overs

>>> All our voice-over talents are native speakers and experienced language professionals.

>>> We provide a translation customised for your voice recording, then select the best talent from our pool of foreign language voice talent.

>>> We can also arrange the recording and studio bookings for your foreign language voice-overs.

>>> We can help you with video re-narration, voice over, multi-media presentation or audio recordings.

Past voice-over projects include:

Streets Ahead

NSW Film and Television Office for the RTA (Italian, Greek, Mandarin, Japanese)

Australian Army Training Video

Indonesian, Thai

Wyong Council

Promotional videos. Mandarin voice-overs and captioning.

James Hardie Corporate Promotional Video

13 languages including Arabic, Cantonese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese & Mandarin


Sydney Centrepoint Tower three-dimensional presentation (Chinese, Mandarin, Korean)

“Skytour, the largest simulated ride in the Southern hemisphere, takes you on an amazing virtual adventure through Australia’s cultural history and geography. Immersed in Skytour’s surround sound technology and “Peppers Ghost” 3D imagery, your virtual Australian tour is an experience not to be missed.”

To discuss future requirements, please contact Françoise on (02) 9356 1600. Or email [email protected]

For more voice-over samples, visit our YouTube channel.

What is better, subtitles or voice-overs?

Subtitles and voice-overs both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in some cases, a combination of voice-over and subtitles may be the best solution. It’s really up to your audience and market.

Voice-overs usually has a higher production cost, as voice talents, audio studio and recording engineer are required. Your presentation will look more personal and professional, and it will be easier to follow as there will be no distracting words on the screen and the viewer will not miss out on a subtitle when they briefly look away.