Japanese Translation Association (JTA) extends an invitation to seminars to all NAATI translators

Japanese Translation Association (JTA) extends an invitation to seminars to all NAATI translators

The Japanese Translation Association (JTA) have extended an invitation to all NAATI accredited practitioners to attend (via live stream) some of their upcoming PD seminars over October and November. They include:

1. The International Paralegal Profession and Legal Translation?

Translation can be sometimes seen as a passive profession, consisting primarily of translators accurately transferring meaning between languages within a specified time frame. In contrast, international paralegals coordinate with related parties to meet specified objectives, offer suggestions as needed, and effectively use both Japanese and English in handling various formalities and creating necessary documents.

This seminar will cover the international paralegal profession and how this profession utilizes translation knowledge and skills. It will also offer tips on how to simultaneously build professional knowledge and translation skills.

Topics covered:

  • What is the international paralegal profession?
  • How are international paralegals and translators different?
  • What do international paralegals do?
  • Where do international paralegals work?
  • What kind of mindset do international paralegals need?
  • What skills and knowledge do international paralegals need?
  • How to attain necessary knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • How to improve professionally.

Seminar date and time: Thursday, 27 October 2016, 6pm to 8pm (Japan time)

2. Translating English Contracts into Japanese (Part 2)

Reading legal material is difficult, even if it’s written in one’s native language! In this seminar, the key principles of legal translation will be covered using a real life example contract. It will also cover some common pitfalls and mistakes people make when translating contracts into English.

Topics covered:

  • Checkpoints for legal translation
  • Are you using colloquial English?
  • Do sentences make logical sense?
  • Are Expressions for Quantity and Duration of Time Accurately Translated?
  • Is their Consistency in Translation Terms Used?
  • Are the terms “and” and “or” Accurately Translated?
  • Commentary on Example Translation Used

Seminar date and time: Thursday, 8 November 2016, 10am to 12pm (Japan time)

The JTA was founded in 1986 with the goal of researching and developing translation skills, training translators, and conducting examinations and certifications related to translation.

All of JTA’s seminars are held at classrooms in Kichijo-ji, Japan or online. Zoom software is used to facilitate the online seminars, making it possible for practitioners to participate online from the comfort of your own home. JTA does provide instructions on how to use the Zoom system.

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