On finding the best translator for your requirements

On finding the best translator for your requirements

At Language Professionals, we produce NAATI certified translations where possible. But there are situations where this is not necessarily required.

NAATI is the accreditation authority for translators and interpreters in Australia. They test and approve professional linguists so that you can be sure your translations are completed by a skilled translator who has enough knowledge to provide translations from one language to another. A NAATI stamp is like a seal of approval. Translations completed by NAATI translators can be used for official purposes for immigration or before court.

A NAATI translator is required, when you want to hand your foreign-language documents to most government departments in Australia. You need all your non-English documents translated into English, such as police clearances, birth certificates or other records. Some countries already produce multi-lingual documents, such as police checks from Switzerland; but in most countries you can only obtain documents in the countries’ own language. This is where we can help you get an English translation of your document.

Language Professionals can help you find a NAATI accredited translator for your language and provide either an extract translation or a full translation.

But even government agencies and local council who produce multilingual documents such as brochures or questionnaires often opt for our NAATI translations. We regularly provide our translation services into LOTEs (languages other than English) and include an independent check by a second NAATI translator for documents that are supposed to be printed. This ensures that no mistakes in understanding or even the odd spelling mistake are introduced to published flyers.

If your documents don’t fall under either of the above cases, we can organise otherwise suitably qualified professional translators. Through our connections with practising translators from around the world we can offer high quality translations using in-country translators. They are very knowledgeable in current language usage and cultural connotations and may hold an accreditation in their native country.

In short: Who can translate your document depends on where you need or want to hand in your documents. Talk to Language Professionals to get the best quality advice for your personal situation,

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