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Do you need translation services? Interpreting services? Do you need your video subtitled? Voiced over? Language Professionals Australia is the one-stop quality solution for all your language services needs.

Our language services

We offer translation services in over 80 languages using experienced professional translators and linguists. Read more
We provide top-level AIIC interpreters for conferences, seminars and business meetings. Read more
Do you need your documents translated for official purposes such as immigration or court? Read more
We can provide professional interpreters for your medical appointments or legal consultations. Read more
We specialise in large multilingual projects involving translation of government information. Read more
We can organise voice over artists for your foreign language needs. Read more
See what we can offer for typesetting your multilingual brochures, creating your websites etc. Read more
How can we help subtitling your video so you can reach a wider audience? Read more

At Language Professionals, we believe that conveying your message across linguistic and cultural barriers requires more than simple translation. It requires a professional team of communication experts, experienced in your field and equipped with state of the art technological tools to provide you with the quality language services you need, when you need it and in the form you need it in.

Our language services include translation, interpreting, conference interpreting, desktop publishing, multilingual multimedia presentations and multilingual websites. We have the expertise and resources that only 30 years in the language industry can bring. We know which translator, interpreter or voice-over artist is best suited to your specific requirements. We know what you can and can’t do, and we will help you identify the most appropriate solution to your specific requirements.

At Language Professionals, we look at each assignment individually before offering you realistic approaches, professional advice, all-inclusive prices and deadlines we adhere to. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is also included.