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Language Professionals provides interpreting and translation services in over 100 languages and dialects.

If you require professional translations to or from a language or dialect that is not listed below, contact Language Professionals. We may still be able to help.

Afrikaans translations
Albanian <> English translations
Amharic <> English translations
Arabic <> English translations
Armenian <> English translations
Assyrian translations
Bengali/Bengla translations
Bielorussian translations
Bosnian translations
Bulgarian translations
Burmese translations
Cambodian/Khmer translations
Cantonese translations
Chaldean translations
Chin translations
Chinese translations
Croatian translations
Czech translations
Danish translations
Dari translations
Dinka translations
Dutch translations
Estonian translations

Farsi/Persian translations
Fijian translations
Filipino translations
Finnish translations
French translations
German translations
Greek translations
Gujarati translations
Hazaragi translations
Hebrew translations
Hindi translations
Hmong translations
Hungarian translations
Indonesian translations
Italian translations
Japanese translations
Kannada translations
Karen translations
Khmer/Cambodian translations
Kirundi translations
Korean translations
Krio translations
Kurdish (Sorani) translations

Kurdish (Kurmanji) translations
Lao translations
Latin translations
Latvian translations
Lithuanian translations
Macedonian translations
Malay translations
Malayalam translations
Maltese translations
Mandarin translations
Mongolian translations
Nepalese/Nepali translations
Norwegian translations
Nuer translations
Oromo translations
Persian/Farsi translations
Polish translations
Portuguese translations
Punjabi translations
Pushto translations
Romanian translations
Russian translations
Samoan translations

Serbian translations
Sinhalese/Sinhala translations
Slovak translations
Slovene translations
Somali translations
Spanish translations
Swahili translations
Swedish translations
Taiwanese translations
Tamil translations
Tetum translations
Thai translations
Tigrinya translations
Tongan translations
Turkish translations
Ukrainian translations
Urdu translations
Vietnamese translations
Zulu translations
and more…

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