NAATI yesterday, today, tomorrow

NAATI yesterday, today, tomorrow

Kylie and Jacqueline will attend a symposium at the University of New South Wales on 22 September, on NAATI yesterday, today, tomorrow.

The symposium will examine the origins and evolution of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters over its almost 40-year history, re-examine its role in the T&I industry, identify the most significant changes it initiated in the past few years, and look towards the future.

There are two main speakers: Adolfo Gentile, former NAATI Board member, who will speak about the history of interpreting and translating in Australia, and Pino Migliorino, NAATI Board Director, who will consider current challenges to T&I Credentialing.

These speakers will be joined by Mark Painting, who became the Chief Executive Office of NAATI in July 2015.


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