Why you should subtitle your social media

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Foreign language subtitles will boost your audience

Videos are on the rise in social media, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Adding subtitles to your social media videos makes sure people get your message even if they don’t listen to the audio.

60% of YouTube’s 1 billion monthly viewers are from non-native English speakers. So it’s highly likely that your English language video will be seen by someone who will need foreign language subtitles to understand it. By using subtitles, you will ensure that your message reaches new audiences and you will make your product visible to overseas markets.

Language Professionals can assist you with your subtitling requirements. We can deliver SRT files for closed captions which can be turned on and off, or burnt-in subtitles if you would prefer the subtitles to remain always on. Language Professionals has helped clients translate hours of video content. Contact us at [email protected] for your next project.

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