Hazaragi language in Australia

Hazaragi language in Australia

Hazaragi is classified by some linguists as an eastern dialect of Dari, and by others as a separate language.  It is spoken by the Hazara people primarily in an area of central Afghanistan known as the Hazarajat, as well as Pakistan and Iran, and by Hazara diaspora in eastern Uzbekistan, northern Tajikistan, the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

Hazaragi is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Dari. The primary differences between Standard Persian and Hazaragi are the accent and the use of  words derived from Turkic and Mongolic.

Currently NAATI (the Australian national accreditation authority for translators and interpreters) holds interpreting tests for Hazaragi as a distinct language, but not translation.

NAATI also acknowledges that there are regional variations/dialects of the Hazaragi language. However, due to strong cultural and identity connections there is a high level of mutual understanding between these regional dialects.

For the purposes of NAATI testing, a candidate will not be penalised for the dialect spoken as long as what is being said would be understood by an average Hazara person living in Hazaristan. 
Candidates need to be aware that the Hazaragi language spoken by Hazaras in some locations, including the major cities in Afghanistan, has been heavily influenced by other languages of those cities and areas. Any use of ‘non- Hazaragi’ words will be penalised.

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