Medical translations by NAATI accredited / certified translators

Yes, we do provide back translations, especially in the medical translation context. The back translations are performed by an independent translator with no access to the source text and then carefully compared to the original version by an experienced linguist. Read more

We do not. But we use translation memory, or CAT tools, as do most our translators. The concept of translation memories is simple: every sentence translated is saved in a database (the translation memory) together with the translation of that sentence. This allows the translator to work faster, especially if your document has a lot of repeats, it allows the translator to be consistent with terminology, and in the end saves the client money. Read more

Medical translation errors cost time, money, and even lives. At Language Professionals, we take no chances with the quality of your medical documentation. We select experienced translators with the right background and experience. Once translated, your document should be independently checked by a second translator and reviewed, not just for accuracy but also for clarity and readability in the target language.

Language Professionals can translate just about every file format, although we of course have a preference for clean MS Word files.

Privacy and confidentiality

Language Professionals is a responsible custodian of sensitive client information. We are experienced in translating and appropriately handling confidential documents, including patents, medical reports, clinical research, etc… and familiar with the need to comply at all times with requirements for the security and handling of sensitive and classified material. Our translators are also well aware of the confidentiality requirements and have signed agreements including clauses to this effect.

How to book our medical translation service:

For medical translations, bookings can be made:

We will get back to you with a no-obligation quotation and a time frame within 24 hours. If your translation is very urgent, call us on 02 9356 1600.