Legal translations by NAATI accredited / certified translators

Do you need to submit translated documents to an Australian court, tribunal or government?

We have worked for major legal firms, solicitors and courts for over 30 years in Sydney and all over Australia. We have translated documents involving settlements, property disputes, insurance claims, financial statements, business agreements, contracts, patents, etc…

We provide a high level of customer service. Our legal translations are delivered on time and on budget, usually certified by a NAATI certified / accredited translators. Your translations will be signed and dated by the translator and stamped by us.

Language Professionals will always respond to your enquiries, phone calls and emails in a timely and professional manner and are happy to advise you.

What type of legal documents do we translate?

Our legal translation service covers a wide range of documents such as:

Immigration law

NAATI certified translations of personal documents and certificates required when applying for an Australian visa or residency.

Corporate law

Commercial contracts, sales agreements, distribution agreements

Family law

Family disputes, adoptions, divorces and settlements

Banking and Finance

Taxation matters, annual reports, business plans, financial papers

Labour law

Work agreements, duty statements, CVs and resumes

Note that Australian government departments and courts will only accept documents that have been translated and certified by NAATI certified / accredited translators.

How to book our legal translation service:

For legal translations, bookings can be made:

We will get back to you with a no-obligation quotation and a time frame within 24 hours. If your translation is very urgent, call us on 02 9356 1600.

Privacy and confidentiality

Language Professionals is a responsible custodian of sensitive client information. We are experienced in translating and appropriately handling confidential documents, including contracts, international agreements etc… and familiar with the need to comply at all times with requirements for the security and handling of sensitive and classified material. Our translators are also well aware of the confidentiality requirements and have signed agreements including clauses to this effect.