Chinese NAATI translator l NAATI翻译员

Do you need to submit English translations of Chinese documents to the Australian Government?

We have worked for major migration agents and private clients for over 30 years in Sydney and all over Australia. We can translate your Chinese documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s licence, employment records, educational certificates… any official document that needs to be submitted as part of your visa or residency application in Australia. Our Chinese translations are always, without fail, accepted by the Department of Immigration or Foreign Affairs.

We can offer extract translation if they are sufficient for you needs, saving you money and expediting the translation process.

We provide translation services in all languages and provide a high level of customer service. Our translations are delivered on time and on budget, certified by our Chinese NAATI certified / accredited translators. Your translations will be signed and dated by the translator and stamped by us. Language Professionals will always respond to your enquiries, phone calls and emails in a timely and professional manner and are happy to advise you. Our staff speak French, German and Chinese.




我们能够为您提供高素质的中文翻译以及最佳的客户服务。翻译准时送到、符合预算,也由持有 NAATI 证明的翻译员签署。您的翻译将会注有 NAATI 翻译员的签名和翻译日期,也会盖上本翻译社的印章。Language Professionals 无论在什么时候都非常乐意给您提出建议以及回答您所有关于翻译的疑问,并尽快回复您的电话和电邮。

今天就致电 Language Professionals,或给我们发电邮,我们亲切的员工将会与您洽谈关于您翻译需求的任何问题。

Bella Poon
NAATI accredited translator Chinese<>English
NAATI认证翻译员 中文<>英文

Language Professionals provides a Chinese NAATI certified translation service that is fast and affordable. We have over 30 years experience in delivering official document translations to the immigration department and other agencies in Australia. Your translation will be signed by an accredited Chinese NAATI translator and stamped by our translation service division.